At Defiant American Apparel Company, we’re more than just great apparel - we’re a movement!  Our mission is simple…to unite ALL Americans with a shared belief in the principles that define our great Nation and the freedoms it offers to all its residents.

As an Army Veteran with a deep appreciation for the United States and a long family history of honorable service to this Country, I’ve always cherished the values that make our Nation exceptional.  There is no other country on earth that stands as a beacon of hope, the last line of defense against tyranny and oppression throughout the world, offering refuge and inspiration to all those who seek liberty, freedom, and the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their family.

Despite our promise, we’re not without our faults. In recent years, like many of you, I have felt a great deal of frustration and concern over the direction our Country is headed. The biased media continues to perpetuate a multitude of false and wicked narratives in an attempt to cause division and redefine our traditional American values as “extreme” or “dangerous”. To that end, it has become increasingly clear that the goal of those in power is to implement and impose a “new normal” upon us, one that stifles individuality, forces conformity to ideologies that most Americans fundamentally disagree with, and threatens the very foundation that this Country was founded upon.

At Defiant American Apparel Company…

  • We believe in the power of unity, the strength of patriotism, and the importance of standing together in defense of the American way of life and the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.
  • We refuse to be compliant, controlled, or manipulated by false narratives and divisive propaganda.
  • We respect and appreciate ALL Americans, and support their right to freely live their lives how they see fit and free from hate, bigotry, or violence.

Since day one, our mission has been to create amazing apparel that unites all Americans in a common goal to foster and promote the things that make American the greatest country in the world. Thanks to our amazing customers, Defiant American Apparel Company is on track to become one of the fastest growing apparel brands in America.  Together, we’re making a difference, ensuring that the American spirit and our way of life will never die!

Stay Defiant.

Joe Mayo
Defiant American Apparel Company


Joe & Heather Mayo

Defiant American Apparel Company is veteran owned and family run by Joe & Heather Mayo.

We design and print every order in house at our small shop in sunny Tarpon Springs, FL. Attention to detail and top notch customer service are the backbone of our business model. We value the relationships we've built with our customers, and are grateful for the opportunity to help unite all Americans through Defiant American Apparel Company.